Hack It Up: SamyGo project aims to add more features to Samsung TVs?

October 20, 2009 by  

hackerOnce upon a time, there was no “Windows”, there was only DOS, in all of its command line beauty. It appears there’s now a “command line” project in the works to allow people to modify their HDTV (Samsung anyway) to do different things called SamyGo, and its an interesting project, if not really for newbies.

The immediate goal of the project is the ability to use other WiFi dongles besides Samsung’s dongle that would run you $80, but it can also potentially used for other things, such as more programming and feature improvements and additions.

It goes without saying: only do this sort of stuff if you have some clue about computers and what you’re doing, as we (or they) aren’t responsible if anything goes wrong.

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