Wii HD: Existence Denied (Once Again)

November 6, 2009 by  

reggie-screencapIt appears Nintendo wants little to do with the future of entertainment (read: HD, 1080i/1080p, etc), as their president has come out again to deny any existence or plans for a Wii HD. It’s a shame, as Nintendo continues to lose ground in terms of their game platforms to the iPhone and other avenues. People are ready for a change.

And it looks like Nintendo is not ready for one.

Rumors surfaced a week or so of a rogue Wii HD being tested secretly, but Nintendo head PR honcho Reggie Fils-Aime strongly denied any plans for a Wii HD console of any kind. Who knows if its true or not, but it certainly looks like the big N is content to sit on their current platform until they’re forced to change.


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