New Study: Cable/Sat companies failing HDTV miserably

November 24, 2009 by  

kdl-52A new Magid (a thinktank for techie stats) study says cable and satellite TV companies don’t let subscribers know how cool HD really is, and thus are failing the adoption of HDTV quite badly.

We find out that about 40 percent of consumers have an HD set in their homes, and it also details the other sad truth: Only about 66% of those people subscribe to HD services. Now that’s a crying shame indeed. They aren’t taking advantage of those expensive TVs by feeding it a proper HD signal.

Even more sad: Those are about the same levels of subscribers that were present in 2008, where it stood at 64%. Over 18 million homes with HDTV sets don’t get any HDTV programming. This needs to be corrected, needless to say.

Theories mostly range from lack of knowledge (thanks to cable/satellite companies not letting people know about existing packages) to many who bought HDTVs for the DTV transition, not knowing the other wonders that come with owning one.

These stats were culled from a national sample of 1,373 adults (21 years or older) who have an HDTV set.


One Response to “New Study: Cable/Sat companies failing HDTV miserably”
  1. Ray says:

    We the people are already spending way too much for cable and satellite without these companies charging even more for decent reception. I’m one of those 33% who rely on HD through antenna only and, it’s FREE. My cable reception still sucks even on my nice new HDTV. It would cost more money for Digital and even more money on top of that for HD. I know it’s available but they could cut us some slack on the charges.