HDTV Joy: Costco announces 50% increase in Blu-ray stock

December 11, 2009 by  

blu-ray_logoCostco has said it will begin increasing Blu-ray merchandise in its retail stores by up to 50 percent, while also offering big time discounts on discs – and players.

Additionally, Costco has highlighted the format in its Costco Connection, and giving it prominent placement in stores.

Based on a statement released by an official at Costco:
“Blu-Ray Disc movies are now the focus of our department.
Members will always find at least 100 titles. But for the holidays, we’ve brought in more than 150. We pride ourselves on offering the newest releases at great savings.”

Blu-ray films will also now be lowered or priced down to $9.99, which may represent a turning point for mass acceptance of the format and celebration by HDTV lovers. Also because of the lowered player prices, player sales are up 450% over last year, which is a huge statement, indeed. Good times ahead for BR, we think.


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