We’re Drooling Already: HDI selling 100″ laser-HD 3D TV for 10-15K

December 12, 2009 by  

hdi-3d-hdtv_tinyRemember Mitsubishi‘s LaserVue set we profiled, and how expensive it was? Well, that’s nothing next to the brainchild of HDI, a California startup company with blueprints of a soon-to-be-made 100″ 3D HDTV with laser power, has come out with a possible price, and its not cheap, as expected.

The set has (according to reports) had its first batch made over in China, and we’re told that a few of them here and there will be available by May 2010. It’ll be 10″ thick, and should be in full production mode by the holiday season of next year, which isn’t soon enough for some of us.

It won’t use TOO much power, thankfully, but the $10-15,000 price tag is bound to cause sticker shock for many of us. More about the TV is available here.

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