Inside Stuff: HDMI 1.4 spec getting refreshed in prep for HD 3D

December 24, 2009 by  

hdmiThe march for HD 3D to gain steam keeps on going, it seems, with broadcasters around the world wanting to bring 3D HD home for 2010 or so.

Even the HDMI standard 1.4 spec is being updated as we speak to make sure 3D compatibility between sets and receivers/players remains at the top of the list for importance, something we can appreciate, but we still aren’t sold on 3D HD as something as all that important to the future of the medium.

As a side note, some broadcasters are rallying for HDMI and the spec to fully msupport “Top/Bottom” 3D transmissions that are in the wind waiting to be used, which give up resolution to save bandwidth by placing left/right images into a single frame.

Will 3D be supported on generally available commercial hardware anytime soon at a reasonable cost? We’re thinking 2011 or so for that to happen, but who knows. With the pace of things today, anything is possible.


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