HD Pie: Sony grabs a piece of new Sharp LCD manufacturing plant

December 30, 2009 by  

sakaiimage015As planned and reported among insider HDTV blogs and mags, Sony has grabbed up a small piece of Sharp‘s new 10g LCD plant built a year or so ago, which should allow Sony to grow its manufacturing muscle for LCD panels quite a bit in the next few years.

For now its small piece only equates to about 7%, but will jump to 34% by April 2011 or so, and other companies are expected to bid for space in the highly-regarded plant over the coming year or so, so expect a good number of HDTV units to originate from the Sakai City facility.

Companies rumored to bid on a piece of the pie: Samsung and Panasonic, as well as possibly LG. Times are good for HDTV companies (and consumers), indeed.

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