Wide Open Spaces: Sony and Panasonic try to expand storage on Blu-Ray discs even further

January 3, 2010 by  

blu-ray-discSeething at only 25GB per layer on a Blu-ray disc for storage? Not enough for your HD pleasure? It’s appearing Sony and Panasonic agree with you, and have been busy working on ways to boost capacity on discs in a never-ending quest for more, more, more that seems to be the normal operating procedure for tech companies nowadays.

They’ve come up with a way to perhaps do so (not a surprise) called Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation (or i-MLSE — the “i’ is just because its cool to put i in front of things these days, it seems), which is a way to avoid and predict the way discs are read to prevent errors, which in turn allows for more space on the discs themselves.  You’d have to be an engineer to understand it, we’d guess.

Sony and Panasonic are saying the ultimate payoff is that this method may allow up to 33.4 GB per layer, and it may only require a firmware update to allow the feature to work on current Blu-Ray players. Rollout hasn’t been given any sort of date, but expect the technology on discs to begin appearing “soon”, according to both companies.

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