5M:1 Contrast Ratio? Panasonic’s upcoming models claiming just that

January 18, 2010 by  

18jan10ihvs4t5t4rvczPlasma (as we have reported is a dying technology but is still being built) has been making a bit of a comeback it seems, and Panasonic in particular isn’t done working on it just yet, it appears. The latest models, debuting recently, claim 5M:1 native contrast ratios and super deep blacks, are a real eye-opener in terms of what Plasma can really do in the hands of a company that believes in it.

The Viera G2 line arrives in just a few weeks, and it promises some pretty gaudy stuff in terms of features, which we look forward to greatly. It will include full 1080p HD, in addition to 3 HDMI ports.

Prices may be less pretty though, as the 50″ top of the line model is expected to sell for $3,500 USD, and $2,400 for the smaller 42″, so these aren’t the super bargains you see on many HDTV shelves these days. 46″ models should appear as well, expected in the $2,800-3K range.

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