More, More: HDTV content ramping up recently

January 22, 2010 by  

yvfc01dsc_0043f0zDo any of you have doubts about how seriously networks are taking HD content and ramping up availability of it? Take a look at last night’s highlight HD shows, via this link. That’s a serious boatload of HD for one evening, and that isn’t even all of it. Sports, drama, comedy, reality shows, they’re all represented strongly here.

Many critics have stated the lack of adoption in some groups is due to lack of choice or availability of shows in HD. That is rapidly changing, as many shows are now filmed either in HD or designed to be upconverted easily to HD resolution. It’s a testament to the fact that HD is here to stay, and its in demand and isn’t going anywhere any time soon, contrary to what Nintendo thinks.

Now all we need to do is make HD choices on cable systems more consistent by region, and we’re in business.


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