Widget Or Not To Widget?: A Perspective

January 25, 2010 by  

yahoowidgets19lg600Internet/Widget connected HDTV – are they worth the time? CES ’09 definitely displayed these type of TVs, but demand and buzz around these kind of TVs had cooled a bit this time around, as performance of currently released models were a bit disappointing according to our report.

The Vizio XVT 55-inch model, which was to have extensive internet connected features was delayed as well, so we figured the enthusiasm for these type of TVs had dampened somewhat. We’re not predicting death for this kind of tech (it’s the future in some form, no doubt) but is technology at a point NOW where it can be supported seamlessly? We’re not too sure, and from various reports we’ve read on the web, many others aren’t either.

What do you think? Anyone out there using this kind of TV has anything good to say about it? Comments welcomed.


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