HDMI News: Version 1.4 + 3D = New public spec + Us scratching our heads

February 7, 2010 by  

ces-2009-3d-ready-fuhzion3D is here, it’s happening, and it won’t go away, regardless of whether we want it to or not — but the good news at least is there won’t be home 3D format wars or any stuff like that to muddy the water even further, such as the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war that fractured HD home disc entertainment for too long.

Most manufacturers are using the active shutter glasses model, delivery will occur on cable, satellite, and 3-D Blu-ray, and now the HDMI group has made available the 3D part of the HDMI 1.4 spec so that all companies can make their gear fully compatible. At least that part of the equation they’ve gotten right; a format war would have further reduced the chance of 3D ever catching on in a home environment. And we already talked about how Samsung is getting in on the 3D action soon enough.

HDMI 1.4a is due to release later this year, but that also will be released publicly. How about it…any of our readers plan on getting in on the 3D “revolution”?


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