Prices: Samsung 3D HDTV MSRP list range from pretty good to crazy

March 10, 2010 by  

smasungledprices2010-1268149869Take a look at this graphic, and you’ll see two things: Samsung’s price list (MSRP anyway) for their new line of HDTVs, mostly 3D compatible. The other thing you’ll at the top is that $7K price tag, which is more than a little crazy.

What does that $7K buy you? Their top of the line, ultrathin 9000 series LED-lit LCD HDTV, with touchscreen, video displaying remote control and full 3D capability. That’s a lot of bang if you have extra in your budget, and you can watch content like this in style.

Also included in this lineup are a few new Plasma HDTV models, so it seems companies aren’t willing to discard the technology quite yet, a good sign for videophiles the world over indeed.

Most of these will be released in April/May of this year, and are in the $2K range or so, which isn’t terrible for a nice LED backlit 3D compatible TV, we’d say.


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