Cheap 1080p: Blu-Ray player selling for $70 at Target

March 15, 2010 by  

target-philips-blu-rayWe knew it would happen, and now it has: A Philips Blu-Ray player is now selling for under $70 at Target stores. That’s cheaper than some DVD players right now, and its a bargain for easy entry into the world of 1080p HD glory. Maybe pair it with one of these fine TVs?

For those 70 schillings you’ll be getting DivX support, a SDHC card reader, BD Live, and HDMI CEC convenience. While a quick search returns a group of mixed reviews (image quality is only ok), for $70 are you really going to complain too much? We didn’t think so.

It seems Blu-Ray is making inroads to becoming cheap enough for everyone to consider owning. And to think a year ago, players were still averaging around the $300 mark or so…makes you wonder how sane early adopters really are.

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