Win7 Fun: Toshiba releases first Windows 7 compatible HDTV

April 2, 2010 by  

20103ux600-4600-goo-win7Here’s a new approach to HDTV design : a Windows 7 certified huge 55-inch TV. The actual application of this is up in the air as far as what this will mean for the future of HDTV and widgets and the like, but its probably nothing but good for interactive TV going forward.

Toshiba’s 120Hz UX600 series is not just a huge TV, its the first official Microsoft certified unit, thanks in part to DLNA support over Ethernet or WiFi.

It even features the Win 7 logo on the unit, so there’s no guesswork as far as consumers go, which does much for confidence and streaming media to your TV. We’re hoping Toshiba does very good things with this going forward, but the jury’s out as to what sort of things will be supported by this one.

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