Sharp Thought: DivX playback a big new feature of Quattron line of HDTVs

April 6, 2010 by  

lg-aquos-ces-rm-engApparently there was still a HDTV or two with no DivX stamp, but that should be mostly worked out now after a new deal with Sharp reached recently. The newer line of HDTVs by Sharp should be something to look out for. Good thing to put this factory to use.

The new AQUOS LE820 LCD line — incorporating the (according to published previews) amazing Quattron quad-pixel tech –can play 1080p DivX HD files from a connected USB drive, a very cool feat indeed.

Now bear in mind, this might not be quite the embedded content technology seen at CES, but DivX has proven itself a fighter in the technology arena, so don’t be shocked if it creeps into the plans of even more LCD companies in the next few years.

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