Flip It: More Blu-Ray/DVD Combo movies show up

April 14, 2010 by  

We’re still not sure if those Jason Bourne DVD / Blu-ray combo discs did well (if you were going to buy the films, you would’ve bought them either way, we think), but Universal is already preparing its second go round of “flip” DVD/BR combos with Out of Africa, Traffic and The Jackal all set to appear in stores April 27. Is this a trend you’re excited about? With the HD 1080p fidelity of Blu-Ray in the package, would you really care if a DVD was included?

With $27 MSRP and below-$20 pricing on Amazon and similar outlets expected there’s not the huge price premium on these catalog releases that there would have been a year ago, but they’ll probably end up in a bargain bin within a few months, more than likely. Any of these interest you to pick up, strictly on the fact it includes both formats separately? Let us know if this trend is something you appreciate.

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