OLED Joy: New models from TVLogic arriving, now including 3D goodness

April 14, 2010 by  

Hot on the heels of Sony making a splash with its 7.4-inch, $3,850 PVM-740 monitor, a company called TVLogic grabs their share of attention with two professional OLED sets that are each twice as big, with (more than likely) twice the cost as Sony’s model.

Both are 1,366 x 768 res with a 100,000:1 native contrast ratio (cue drooling), and are apparently based on LG’s design for their 15-inch OLED panel, but just the TDM-150W is fully 3D-capable. Perhaps this article may come true yet?

Yes, this does make it the very first 3D OLED display in the marketplace. Pricing? Not yet, but look for 4K+ territory more than likely to start out with, seeing as their 17″ monitors start in the $3K range.


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