Blu-Ray News: Avatar destroys BR movie sales records

April 26, 2010 by  

Avatar, the blockbuster film which was released on HD Blu-ray last Thursday, has already become the best-selling Blu-ray disc ever, surpassing The Dark Knight by a wide margin already in a much shorter timeframe, further strengthening the position that Blu-Ray is still surging and is poised to take over in the home media department.

Fox has stated that Avatar sold 2.7 million Blu-ray high-def discs in the first four days (yes, that’s 4 days, boys and girls), passing The Dark Knight easily which has sold 2.5 million Blu-ray copies – in 16 months. That is fairly mind-blowing, and how about tossing in four million standard-definition DVDs in the first four days too, making it one of the best selling home discs period in the history of the medium.

So much for “no one cares about Blu-Ray” or its overpriced….it seems many do care and are active users of the HD platform, and it should continue to grow from here. Note that many were NOT waiting for the 3D version of the film, indicating a (possible) lack of demand for that sort of thing.

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