Curious: How do you get your HD delivered?

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There’s a large variety of sources you can get decent HDTV from these days, including cable providers, satellite and other related methods. There is more ways to get HD these days than even 2 years ago. Stats up until now indicate good old-fashioned cable TV is the most popular method in terms of pure numbers, but with reports of many cable providers lowering their image quality and increasing compression rates, who knows if that trend will last.

So we were curious: what’s your main and preferred way to get HD? Feel free to comment on here about your choice and why you chose it.

Opinion: Will Avatar HD 3D Blu-Ray come out this year?

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Many are saying there isn’t any way the movie is being released this year, yet we keep hearing rumblings about Panasonic coming out with an exclusive player/TV bundled with the movie in November. Too many rumors, and too little real information, in our book.

Most opinions in the HDTV world are that we’re still in the very early adopter phase as far as 3D HDTV goes, so not to hold our breath waiting for the release this year, which would make the movie fairly old news when its released next year.

Your thoughts? Should Fox rush it out there to capitalize on the movie’s popularity, or wait and get it ‘just right’ given the issues with Blu-Rays of late? We’d love to hear your opinions on this issue, a tricky one for both Fox and the future of 3D HD.

Sunday: Art of the HDTV Deal

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Once again we offer some of the best deals on the web on fine HDTV models. Feel free to take a look: – Here’s a nice deal on a well-reviewed model: The Sony Bravia 32” KDL32BX300 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV for $409.99 – $20.00 off coupon code we’ve kindly given you “3A825″ = $389.99 with free shipping as well. Once one of the priciest models on the market, Sony HDTVs have really come down in recent months. has a sweet Samsung LN46C630 46” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $989.00 – $140 off coupon code we give you to use at your leisure: “LN46C630″ = $849.00 with free shipping. Tough to beat that, folks!

Thanks for joining us and feel free to check out these great deals, and join us tomorrow for more HDTV centric joy.

ESPN Prediction: 3D to pass DVRs in 9 years?

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We wondered why ESPN was so eager to launch a 3D HDTV channel. Well, now we wonder no longer, as a published report/interview makes their stance on the 3rd dimension crystal clear. Here’s a clip of the report:

For those wondering why ESPN is so eagerly launching a dedicated 3D channel, VP Sean Bratches was on stage at a 3DTV conference in NYC comparing it favorably to the launch of ESPN HD. The HD launch was mostly concentrated on smaller cable providers, while ESPN 3D is kicking off with DirecTV and Comcast, while the network sees 3DTV penetration surpassing DVRs by 2019. Also, there may be a few more 3D produced events than the 85 originally promised for the first year, with a schedule of up to 100 events now.

Yes, 100 3D events courtesy of the largest sports network. With some network pundits coming out against the 3D tide as we reported earlier, we’re a little surprised. We’ll just have to wait and see, it appears, but its clear they’re pretty jazzed about the future of 3D TV.

3D HDTV a hit? Maybe not, according to some execs

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It appears some long-time TV pundits are expressing serious doubts about whether 3D HDTV will be the big smash hit some have been predicting, according to recent articles and interviews recently published.

BBC chief Danielle Nagler told an industry conference in London that it may be 2-3 years before 3D TV overcomes certain technological hurdles and becomes mainstream. She added that she’s not ready to commit her network to making any 3D programming (original anyway) until she’s quite sure it will go somewhere. None of that sounds like a slam dunk in terms of acceptance.

CBS CEO Les Moonves told a conference in Beverly Hills that he has seen ‘early prototype’ conversions of classic Star Trek shows to 3D and they didn’t “knock him out.” He went on to add: “Does the experience get good enough on television to work? I’m not sure it’s going to be economically viable for the near future.”

There’s no doubt tech and economic hurdles await widespread 3D HD acceptance, but those quotes don’t inspire confidence right now, anyway. We’ll see how things turn out in the long run.

LG Goodness: New 3D display with 2K resolution wows

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We all know LG likes to bust it out when it comes to big-time advances in HDTV tech, and now they’ve topped themselves with a report of a 2K resolution 3D HDTV screen they’re testing at various venues. More from blogs:

LG has announced an 84-inch 3DTV boasting UHD resolution and a claim to being the world’s biggest of its kind. To be honest, at that size you really can’t get away with old reliable 1080p, so it’s comforting to see LG’s keeping pixel pitch in mind when designing its headline grabbers. In other news coming out of the SID 2010 show, LG is demonstrating a “liquid lens” TV that’ll give you glasses-free 3D, though the details of how that works are a bit scarce, while the company’s also pushing its IPS wares in a big way, with a 47-inch HDTV, a 32-inch pro monitor as well.

Now that’s some serious wares LG is preparing for public release, and we for one can’t wait for these babies to make their way to retail, even if we wish those screens were available in cheaper 2D version, which we would no doubt ‘settle’ for.

Abandoned: SED technology discontinued

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It appears a once promising HDTV technology has been stopped in its tracks by its creator, Canon. Citing costs and the advent of OLED as an emerging and cheaper contender, they announced they will discontinue development on the technology for good. More from various sources:

We still remember the halcyon days of 2005 when eye were first laid upon your black as a CRT / thin as a plasma or LCD self, and equally recognize the pain of each false start and delay that followed, each leading up to today’s announcement by Canon that it is abandoning SED HDTVs entirely. It had held out hope as late as last spring that the technology could have a future in professional displays, but Japan’s The Nikkei reports it simply couldn’t bring down costs enough. There’s still the possibility for a future in “image diagnostic equipment” but all those prototypes will never see the light of mass production.

It’s a little sad whenever exciting tech dies, but OLED continues to be developed, and should be a worthy successor to existing formats in the very near future, so that tempers our bummed-out-ness.

Special Deal Post: $60 Blu-Ray player?

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Hot off the presses via Woot:

For tightfisted HD fans, has a treat. Just a few minutes ago it posted two daily deals on Blu-ray, with the Magnavox NB500 player that we thought was a value at $128 two years ago on sale as a refurb for $59.99, and four “HD Over:” scenic Blu-ray discs for $9.99, plus $5 shipping on the discs or the player. A Bonus View (Profile 1.1) Blu-ray player from two years ago isn’t going to compare to the latest and greatest, but at just six Hamiltons we’re sure there will be a few of you clicking “I want one!”

We predicted Blu-Ray players would go down in price, but never to this level this soon. Goes to show you, if market forces align correctly, anything is possible. We’re pleased the world of 1080p HD viewing is available to more of the masses than ever before, and we’re predicting a quick sellout to this one.

3D HD News: A Christmas Carol 3D Blu-Ray version to be released at $50 MSRP

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We like the fact that Blu-Ray and 3D are doing so well, but the fallout from that are rather inflated early market prices on discs such these. Take the $50 MSRP on A Christmas Carol proposed by Disney for their 3D BR disc release. A bit excessive, but hey, if you have the gear, it’s golden.

Disney tentatively announced its first Blu-ray 3D disc Disney’s A Christmas Carol would arrive in the fourth quarter give or take, but now TheHDRoom (a BR site covering HD and related optics) has the official box art (seen here) for what will be a big 4-disc combo pack including a 3D edition, 2D Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy too.

“Scrooge’s Wild Ride” is exclusive to the 3D version, but both will have a 5.1 DTS-HD MA soundtrack built-in. Even the 2D version will retail at $39.95 to start out with, so you won’t save much really. And we thought the $30-40 for Avatar BR was a little annoying at first.

PS3 Impetus: Blu-Ray? According to Nielsen, Yes

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Why do people buy the PS3? Yes, awesome games, but why else? It appears (according to Nielsen anyway) its the Blu-Ray player built-in, even if there was a brief point where it got zapped by an update. Strange given that HD BR players are approaching the sub-$100 mark quickly and the PS3 is $300, but hey…cool games count for something right?

The company surveyed 700 random people who purchased the gaming console why they did so. Number one on the checkoff list: “I want the Blu-ray capabilities.”

Blu-ray was followed by the recent PS3 price reduction to $299 (smaller price is always good these days), desire to upgrade from the PS2, and interest in connecting with friends who have the PS3.

HD and cool games seem to go hand-in-hand on many people’s list, and we appreciate both reasons equally.

3D Report: Eye troubles may keep you from seeing the whole picture

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We’re quite unsure about the timing of this whole “notice”, but apparently the American Optometric Association is interceding among those with vision difficulties that are having trouble experiencing 3D the way it should be.  So for those of you who watch a 3D HDTV movie and go “so what?” (and it didn’t happen to be the recent poor conversion of Clash of the Titans) there’s help available.

According to the AOA, up to 56 percent of people living with binocular vision problems will have trouble “seeing” 3D properly, which depending on your love of the medium, could be no big deal, or a crippling problem.

If while watching a 3D film you experience headaches, nausea, etc. then the AOA recommends you visit your eye doctor and get yourself checked out. Lest you miss out on the theater (and soon home) 3D experience, which could be a very sad thing.

3D All Over: Samsung 3D HDTVs showing up across the web and your TV

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Samsung is doing its best with TV ads and more to get the word out about their 3D HDTV units, and the promotion is paying off, it seems. And now the fruits of their labor have been released, officially. More from the web:

If you’ve been waiting for a plasma 3DTV and Panasonic’s VT25 isn’t your speed (we don’t know how you feel about deep, deep black levels, but c’mon, who can turn down Coraline?) then take a look at Samsung’s C7000 line, now in stock (on schedule) pretty much everywhere. The 50-inch PN50C7000 is available for a cool $1,650 at Amazon, $1,797 at Vanns and $1,799 at Best Buy. The 63-inch will cost $3,000 from Amazon, while the 58-inch model is $2,350. Upgrading to the C8000 series and their high end home theater tweaks like Real Black Filter and Motion Judder Canceller (we’ll see how well they actually work) raises the price to $3,417, $2,483 & $2,067 for the 63-inch, 58-inch and 50-inch models, respectively. They all have Samsung Apps and grabbing a 3D Blu-ray before you hit the check out nets a couple of pairs of glasses and a copy of Monsters vs. Aliens just to get you started.

We’ll keep you updated as this line develops, but we’d say Sammy is the front runner in getting their product in front of many 3D-awaiting eyes these days.

Wednesday’s Wacky HDTV Deals

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It’s hump day of the week, and that means getting together enough energy to get through the week and keep your sanity. Hopefully, these amazing HDTV offers can help in some small way: – Here’s a very solid offer: a Proscan 47LED55SA 47” LED LCD 1080p 120Hz HDTV for $849.00 with free shipping. LED HDTV models are really starting to come down in price, and here’s the proof. has a very nice deal on the ever-popular LG product line: the 42LH200C 42” 720p LCD TV for $599.95 with free shipping.

Check out these cool deals and join us again tomorrow for more happenings in the world of HDTV.

OLED, Printed: DuPont develops new screen technique

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Right now, LG is the big OLED boy in town, with their 15-inch OLED TV, but at about $2,500 retail, not many people will have this in their living rooms, dens or wherever.

Now the promises of costs dropping thanks to ‘printed’ displays may be coming to pass, as chemical company DuPont has joined up with Dainippon Screen to fashion a printing technique that can line-feeding a 50-inch display in just two minutes or so. That’s 120 seconds to you and me, and that’s pretty exciting stuff, indeed. It’s been compared to a ‘high precision garden hose’ of the electronic persuasion, “moving” over the display’s surface and ‘printing’ the display on the screen.

DuPont Displays President William Feehery says the method is being worked on to scale it up to displays up to 50″ and will eventually be able to compete with LCD’s on cost with a 15-20 year span of life. It isn’t 100 years (as was promised by a few manufacturers) but that isn’t bad at all, folks. We’ll update you, of course, as this technology develops.

Blu-Ray Glitches: First Avatar, now Saving Private Ryan?

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It seems Blu-Ray is getting so popular, they’re forgetting quality control in some cases. First Avatar and its numerous reported Blu-Ray issues with freezes, chapter graphics appearing without wanting them, and subtitles not appearing properly. And now reported issues with the Saving Private Ryan BR discs.

The thing: audio synchronization in at least one of the chapters of Saving Private Ryan that got past Technicolor and Paramount, and the bunch ended up being recalled. New versions will arrive at retail on the 18th — check for a yellow UPC label to make sure you’re getting a fixed disc, and you should be all set.

It’s sad to see these growing pains, but its nice to see that people are clamoring for fixed versions of BR discs, meaning enough people care to raise a fuss. HD home video has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go, apparently.

The Future is Soon: Samsung readying 42″ OLED trials in 2011?

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It appears dreams of large OLED panels in the marketplace may be coming true quite soon…sooner than we even expected, if certain news sources are to be believed. Where once an 11″ panel was the biggest anyone could get, and they cost a fortune, read this story and try not to get drool on your keyboard:

Now OLEDNet claims that Samsung Mobile Display — you know, the cellphone AMOLED guys — is purchasing equipment in preparation for bringing its 5.5 generation facility on-line in the first half of 2011. That should give Samsung the ability make 42-inch AMOLED TVs on a trial basis by the end of the twenty-eleven. But with relatively cheap LCDs steadily closing the gap on OLEDs size, contrast, and power savings advantages, well, we’ll believe it when we see the first big screen OLED TVs in our living rooms.

Good point, now that technology has evolved to a point where contrast features with Plasma and LCD aren’t too far away from OLED, it isn’t the huge news many had expected it would be. We’ll see how it shakes out… if it actually happens.

Cutting Edge: LG set to release 3D network Blu-Ray player soon

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LG has always been a fairly cutting edge company, and now they’re asserting that rep with their latest announcement of a pretty cool upcoming product.

LG’s latest creation has it all: HDMI 1.4, internet connectivity, DLNA, 3D and 1080p; the whole lot, pretty much. We like the feature set, and now we have some idea when units will go out for public consumption. Approximately, anyway. The BX580 is on Amazon for $399.99 retail and is LG’s very first network 3D Blu-ray player.

Aside from the obvious ability to handle forthcoming 3D Blu-ray titles, it also ships with NetCast Entertainment Access as well. Amazon states a 1-2 month shipping window, so we’re guessing that timeframe will be pretty accurate when it’ll start showing up in stores. We’re guessing a $350 or so street price, and an early July or so arrival date.

It appears our assessment of 3D HD as a brief trend may have been inaccurate.

Friday’s Freaky HDTV Deals

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It’s time for more HDTV bargains, and we start off with a very nice Dell deal:

Dell Home – How about a well-reviewed Philips 42PFL5704DF7 42” 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $999.00 – $300 off coupon code we’ve nicely provided for you: “T4ZRK53VK?KFFZ” (this coupon expires 05/20/2010) = $699.00 with free shipping too? Amazing. has a nicely spec’ed Haier HL22XSL2 22” 1080p LED LCD HDTV – Black for $229.00 with free shipping as well. It’s raining bargains at SS! Sometimes non-big brands can be pretty awesome deals.

Thanks for joining us, and see you tomorrow for more HDTV madness.

Blu-Ray HD Upping the Ante: Classic ‘Psycho’ film gets a 5.1 upgrade

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Yes, we know Blu-Ray has done wonders for classic older films in terms of clarity and the like, but with the upcoming release of the Hitchcock thriller “Psycho”, it goes a step further with the addition of a brand new remastered 5.1 Dolby mix added for the very first time.

Not only will it look amazing for its 50th anniversary edition, scheduled for release on October 19th, but Universal’s BluWave Audio postproduction team and third party Audionamix have teamed up to really make a subtle and pretty amazing 5.1 Dolby Surround remix only for Blu-Ray release. This is one example of HD and BR teaming up to make a classic movie even better, and more examples will be coming down the road, no doubt.

We salute Universal for this decision, and await further classic movie upgrades in the near future (Ben-Hur, anyone?).

Hoax or Not?: StreamTV fails to be released on scheduled date

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Remember a month or so ago we reported on the mysterious ‘StreamTV’ family of products first showed up on Amazon promising 500GB HDD, “Super Blu-ray Player” and vague 3D capabilities. We have now reached their ‘release date’ of May 7 and… nothing has showed up, and honestly, we’re not expecting much really. It sounded a little strange to begin with, and we expressed our doubts then.

The news of Mitsubishi’s 2010 HDTV line with Stream TV we reported on seemed to be linked, but no news on that front either lately. I think its safe to say there’s little chance we’ll ever see whatever these units were planned to be. Hopefully, some company will fulfill the promises made by these models at some point.

Have 6K saved just in case?

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