ESPN Prediction: 3D to pass DVRs in 9 years?

May 28, 2010 by  

We wondered why ESPN was so eager to launch a 3D HDTV channel. Well, now we wonder no longer, as a published report/interview makes their stance on the 3rd dimension crystal clear. Here’s a clip of the report:

For those wondering why ESPN is so eagerly launching a dedicated 3D channel, VP Sean Bratches was on stage at a 3DTV conference in NYC comparing it favorably to the launch of ESPN HD. The HD launch was mostly concentrated on smaller cable providers, while ESPN 3D is kicking off with DirecTV and Comcast, while the network sees 3DTV penetration surpassing DVRs by 2019. Also, there may be a few more 3D produced events than the 85 originally promised for the first year, with a schedule of up to 100 events now.

Yes, 100 3D events courtesy of the largest sports network. With some network pundits coming out against the 3D tide as we reported earlier, we’re a little surprised. We’ll just have to wait and see, it appears, but its clear they’re pretty jazzed about the future of 3D TV.


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