Going 3D Crazy: Sharp dives into HDTV 3D market

June 2, 2010 by  

It appears Sharp is convinced that 3D HDTV is here to stay, because they’re set to launch of whole bunch of HDTV 3D displays in the near future. See this report courtesy of Engadget:

Next month, the fourth-largest LCD TV maker will launch a slate of new 3D TVs in Japan, just as planned. Based on the same Sharp Quattron quad-pixel technology that made George Takei’s jaw drop, the new LV-series of AQUOS panels will come in 40-, 46-, 52- and 60-inch sizes when they debut July 30th, and feature 1080p resolution, UV²A panels and a high-speed signaling technology named FRED that Sharp says increases brightness and reduces crosstalk.

Pricing has been a bit of a mystery so far, but rumors have these starting around the $3,000 US mark or so, topping at around $6K for the 60″ model. These same rumors indicate that they will cross over into other waters (US, Europe) quite soon as well, possibly by the end of the year.

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