Prices Fall: Samsung 42″ Plasma for $539?

June 14, 2010 by  

We’ve witnessed some truly epic price drops on all manner and model of HDTV over the past year or two, but this offer is one of the best we’ve seen yet, courtesy of Amazon (a company that sometimes comes up with some really great deals).

How’s this: a Samsung 720p Black Plasma 42″ HDTV with lots of features for only $539, with (possible) free shipping? Now that really takes the cake. I remember paying $1200 for a HDTV similar to this just barely 2 years ago, now its less than half of that price. So much for Plasma being dead too; its still alive and kicking, and popular among many groups. Ratings for the TV on Amazon are very good too.

Some industry pundits have 42″ sets falling under $500 by years end, which would be truly remarkable. Just a year ago a set like would have ran $700-800 easily, and prices should continue to fall further in the months and years to come.

Here’s the link to the listing: Link

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