Widget Wonders: Google Maps and Facebook coming to Samsung HDTVs

June 14, 2010 by  

We’ve often pondered the future of interactive widgets built into HDTV units these days, and if they have any sort of chance in the mainstream marketplace. Here is yet another example of something cool (via Engadget blog) coming to Samsung HDTVs that should merit some notice, yet at the same time set some to wondering: will it really matter in the long haul? Here’s more:

We still don’t know if Samsung will put Google’s Android into its TVs, but it has recently launched Google Maps and Facebook as a part of its existing Samsung Apps platform. There aren’t a lot of details in the press release (included after the break) but buyers of most of the 2010 line HDTVs, Blu-ray players and HTIB systems should have access to them. We’ve seen demos of how Samsung Apps can tie phones and TVs together easily, but can a mere Google Maps app match the Google TVs ability to push info back and forth from device to device? The Facebook app on Xbox 360 is moderately useful if only as a way to browse photo albums on the HDTV, so we’ll also be waiting to find out if it will at least match that functionality.

We like the ‘cool’ factor, but still have yet to decide if the widgets will ever really catch on long term.


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