A Year Later: The Digital Transition

June 19, 2010 by  

It seems like the digital switchover was on our pages every other day for a few months, and now its been a year since the changeover officially happened. The good news: many made the switchover pretty seamlessly. Many either bought a new HDTV and/or got cable/satellite, so most were fairly unaffected by the change, and we’re reaping the rewards in terms of more new HD channels and content.

More thoughts courtesy of Engadget:

The electronic shopping site Retrevo has been thinking about it though, and has put a survey out to its users and compiled the results of over 200 respondents. Now you know how much we love consumer surveys about electronics, but in this case the numbers look to be in line with our expectations. Overall people think the transition was a good thing, but that number is exactly 1 percent lower than those who say they were unaffected — figures. 19 percent of respondents bought a new TV and 13 percent just got cable or satellite instead. Seems likely enough. But our favorite is the 9 percent who bought a converter box but then never bothered to even hook it up; real nice use of tax payer funds.

The odd number is that 23% don’t think the transition was a good thing. What a strange thought. Digital is the future of most everything, so you would assume those are just people annoyed at having to get with the times.


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