128GB of Joy: Blu-Ray BDXL Spec Released

June 27, 2010 by  

We all know space is everything in the kind of stuff we can fit on BR discs to make the experience even better, and fit even more special features onto discs, not to mention the possibility of burning more content onto discs (for those lucky enough to have Blu-Ray burners).

Here’s more details about the news from Engadget:

Looks like the Blu-ray Disc Association has published the final specs for the monster BDXL disc, opening the way for manufacturers to start introducing the technology in their optical drives. Not too much here that we don’t already know: aimed at institutions and folks who need to archive lots and lots of… stuff, BDXL discs are available in either triple layer 100GB (re-writable or write-once) or 128GB quad layer write-once flavors. Of course, with all these layers (or layuhs in Brooklyn) the laser in the Blu-ray drive you already own won’t be able to do the trick, so start saving your change for a hardware upgrade once these things become commercially available.

We don’t like the fact it may not be compatible with existing players, but 100GB-128GB on a single disc we definitely like. More to come later.

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