On-Demand Less Demanding: DirecTV to offer 99 cent HD On-Demand movies

July 8, 2010 by  

On-Demand HD services from cable operators typically cost a lot of movie per movie, as much as $7 for only 1-2 days of rental time. Well, it appears DirecTV is doing their best to introduce users to their HD OD movie services by lowering the price to a buck for a few days. Here’s the skinny from TVpredictions.com:

For the next two days, Dish Network is offering a special 99 cent deal on select HD VOD movies, writes Home Media Magazine.

The 99 cent titles, which are available in standard-def or 1080p HD, include Alice in Wonderland, Green Zone and Hot Tub Time Machine. The high-def selections would normally cost $4.99 or more.

Home Media reports that the movies are also available at dishcinema.com for viewing up to 24 hours after ordering.

We like the idea, as we feel this market is under served in the HD market, and could be an easy source for watching movies at home without streaming, or the trip to the video store.

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