Expansion: Samsung (with little fanfare) adds new Blu-Ray models

July 13, 2010 by  

Growth and expansion can often be good things, and in this case a necessary thing with technology being the way it is these days. Samsung agrees, with the announcement (fairly quietly though) of additional models to their Blu-Ray lineup being released soon. More details:

Samsung Blu-ray players on the shelf at local or online retailers while shopping, as it’s rolling out new 3D capable models in the BD-C5900, BD-C6800 and BD-C7900. The $399 (MSRP) BD-C7900 updates the older BD-C6900 with two HDMI outs, useful for those with an older receiver that isn’t HDMI 1.4 compatible, while the $279 BD-C6800 seems to have all the features of the BD-C6900 except for that porthole on top, and comes in at a lower price. Last up is the BD-C5900 with an MSRP of $229 which puts it within reach of two bills at retail, but means losing the 1GB of internal storage featured by the other two players. The product pages aren’t all fully updated on Samsung’s site yet, but the BD-C5900 has already arrived at Amazon and Best Buy and the others shouldn’t be far behind.

We’re also guessing this will trigger a price drop on regular 2D models as well, though we already feel their prices are already pretty reasonable.


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