HD in Space: NASA to launch 24 hour HD channel on July 19th

July 16, 2010 by  

It seems even government agencies are flipping over HD and its possibilities, and even the space-charting organization NASA is getting in on the act by launching (pun intended) its own 24/7 HD network as of July 19th. Read on for more:

Over the years, NASA has, from time to time, piped some HD of shuttle launches and other space related video via its satellite network, but starting July 19 it will be broadcasting 24/7. Beyond exclusive videos like shuttle launches, there will be a daily ISS update and plenty of file footage, all in MPEG-2 encoded HD. Media, cable and satellite providers should all have access so if it’s not yet a channel in your area, you probably know who to call.

Here’s the page with more info about it as well: Press Release


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