Perspective: Technology strategist not sold on 3D HDTV

July 27, 2010 by  

Technology strategist and author Michael Gartenberg has seen various 3D HDTV setups, has disposable income, and is a techhead of the highest order apparently. He posted an interesting thought line on Engadget recently, and it basically slams 3D as not being ready for prime time, and has no plans to buy it anytime soon.

Here’s another choice quote from the article:

I’m surprised by figures, forecasts, predictions and prophecies all showing a rosy outlook for 3D TV beginning as early as this year, because I’ve seen most of the 3D offerings available and I have no plans to buy — not now and not anytime soon. I should be a part of the core demographic for 3D: I like TV, movies and video games. I’m am early adopter. I have reasonable disposable income. I’m not afraid of betting on the wrong standard. And yet, I’m not buying.

That’s not good news, i’m assuming. We’ve been wary of 3D since it came out, as readers of this blog know quite well. It appears more journalists are betting against the technology than with it right now.

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