Big Time: LG shows off OLED 31″ Prototype, blows minds

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We all love OLED and its potential, but so far, its expensive and not even close to mainstream really. OLED’s failure to do anything in the mainstream isn’t a big deal, as LCD has gotten slim enough that it hardly matters in terms of reduced size. Picture quality will improve no doubt, and its nice to see some companies stepping forward with early support for the technology. LG is just such a company.

So in a twist of oddness, LG has stolen its own OLED thunder on the TV circuit lately. In line with earlier rumors we reported, it will be showing off a 0.11-inch thick 31-inch 3D OLED display prototype at the IFA get-together this week, but that poor little OLED demo will be sharing a booth with a ready for retail 0.35-inch thick LCD that comes in big time sizes above 30″, so it may not be the darling of the show many thought it might be.

Still, here’s to hoping this OLED breakthrough speeds along the transition to retail all the more quickly.

Monday’s Mad HDTV Offers

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Not mad as in ‘angry’, mad as in crazy good. There. Now that’s we’ve settled that little mystery, allow us to list some really great HDTV offers for this fine Monday:

Sams Club has the Vizio M221NV 22″ Razor LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV for $239 – with free shipping. The finest in bedroom watching devices out there right now, pretty much, and for a song too! Valid only for a few days, so jump on this one.

Best Buy has a great deal on a decent size HDTV: The 46″ Insignia NS-40E560A11 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV for $899. Amazing. Make sure to select in-store pickup to save on shipping, otherwise it’s $70 to ship, but even that is really amazing for LED HDTV of this size.

Thanks for reading and have a good one!

Seeing the Light: LG to release a new HDTV with ‘Nano LED’ feature

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LG is one of our fav companies out there now in the HDTV world, and now they’re releasing a HDTV model with some cool sounding new tech that should serve to make HDTV more fun and brighter to watch, it seems. Read on to see more details:

Now that LED backlighting has trickled down to nearly every HDTV lineup, it appears the big manufacturers will have to find new ways to differentiate their products, like LG’s upcoming LEX8 television. Set to debut at IFA in Berlin before going on sale in Germany and Korea next month (no word on the US), LG claims that thanks to a ‘thin film of miniscule dots positioned in front of a full array of LEDs’ its Nano Lighting technology — perhaps of the Nanosys variety it licensed earlier this year — makes for a clearer, smoother picture, with the slimmest and narrowest outline of any LED TV, ever, at just .88cm thick with a 1.25cm bezel.

Prices/exact availability hasn’t been released yet, but we aren’t expecting super soon – or super cheap.

Mid-Range Joy: Sony announces new middle of the road 3D HDTV choices

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We all love a good deal, but some like their prices squarely in the middle. Not too expensive, but not the bottom of the line either. Sony is happy to oblige apparently, as they have announced new 3D HDTV choices that should be more wallet pleasing. Read onward:

Sony’s finally taken the wraps off its latest televisions for the US market, carrying the NX810 model number. Available in 60-, 55- and 46-inch sizes next month, these give a 3D spec bump (and around a $200 premium on the MSRP) to the existing NX800 series of Edge LED lit HDTVs that came out earlier this year. Like the NX800, these feature a slick monolith design, built-in WiFi, widgets and an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the picture in changing room conditions, but other than the 3D-readiness (and coupons for free Blu-ray 3D movies and PSN games, though it looks like you’ll have to pay for the glasses on your own) it’s hard to find any differences on paper.

Good stuff, lower prices are something we can always agree on.

Nano Fever: New tech allows cheaper and better LCD HD screens

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It seems technology waits for no man, and that applies to HDTV as well, it appears. Read on to find out why this is the case:

Pixel density enthusiasts, pay close attention, because science is ready to blow your minds — the University of Michigan has developed an LCD technology that can display their logo in a space just nine microns high. By creating a filter made of microscopic metal gratings with differently sized holes just a few hundred nanometers wide, researchers discovered they could precisely capture wavelengths associated to red, green and blue light, producing pixels roughly eight times smaller than those in the iPhone 4′s famous screen, and entire images that could practically fit inside a single dot of Kopin’s microdisplay.
What all that jargon means is clearer and sharper HD imagery at a cheaper price than ever in the long run, which is the ideal situation for companies and consumers alike. It shouldn’t be long for much of this to seep into production models near you.

Loaded and Ready: Mitsu launches new 3D HDTV line in Japan

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Mitsubishi Japan has stepped up as a serious player in the 3D HDTV arena it seems. Mitsu announced 3 brand new, full HDTVs for your home theater pleasure, and they look pretty loaded for bear, even if they certainly aren’t cheap at all.

Much like the Panasonics that got unleashed recently (and a strong new trend in HDTVs), all three have the ability to record to their hard drives or Blu-ray. We like the new feature, even if we aren’t huge fans of the increased price tag that comes with it usually.

Spec-wise, they’ve got full 1080p HD, backlit LCDs, 1TB HDD built-in, a ten speaker Diatone system for pretty good sound, USB and SD slots, and HDMI slots. The sets, which come in 40, 46, and 55-inches, also come with a pair of 3D glasses included for 3D joy.

They’ll be available in Japan in early October (to follow on other shores we’re sure at some point) for around $3,500, $4,700 and $5,900 (!!), respectively. Those price points might keep some away, but the HDTV fan with deep pockets may have found something to follow closely.

Wednesday’s Wacky HDTV Offers

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We always love a good deal, don’t we HDTV fans? Well, here’s a nice little selection of offers for your perusal: has the Panasonic TC-P42G25 42″ Viera G25 Series Plasma HDTV for $909 with free shipping as well. Use the Add to cart to see the sale price. Very nice deal on one of the newer, neater Pannys out there right now.

Walmart has a Proscan 47LED55SA 47″ LED 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV for $799 with free shipping, which is amazing considering the size and its decent ratings too. Check it out!

Thanks for reading and keep on visiting us for more HDTV deals and developments.

Update Glitch: Samsung Blu-Ray players having update troubles

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In a seemingly small (but very annoying) issue with the frequent updates that HD Blu-Ray players need to operate properly, Samsung has had to have users roll back their recent firmware update to allow the playback of certain movies. Apparently its happened before, as well. More details here:

As annoying as continuous Blu-ray player updates are, usually having the latest one is the best way to play more movies. Unfortunately the opposite was the case for Samsung (again) with the v2.09 update posted recently for its 2009 BD-Px600 line of players. Forum posters on CNET and AVSForum report the upgrade blocked them from playing Universal and Warner Bros. movies, which conveniently lock up after displaying the title image. Samsung’s rolled back to an older firmware version (v2.07) on its support site that should fix things for now, but with some users still having problems downgrading, all they can do is wait for the next update, whenever that arrives. Some help line reps have said the new version should arrive “in a couple of weeks,” but it’s not like you really wanted to watch Clash of the Titans or Book of Eli right now anyway, right?

This could be the only holdup to having BR HD take over the home media market; consumers don’t like to play musical updates just to watch a movie. Let’s hope they all get their act together soon so that this can all progress the way it was intended to.

Of Gadgets and Widgets: Vizio new loaded HDTVs ready to ship out

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Vizio is seriously getting into the internet widgets game with their upcoming XVT line of HDTV units, it appears. Here’s the skinny:

This year’s iteration of VIZIO’s top of the line XVT LCDs (at least until the XVT3D — née XVT Pro — series hits in Q4) are finally ready to ship and, as we’ve come to expect, pack a long list of features to go along with their price tags. The 240Hz 42-, 47-, and 55-inch versions all feature LED backlighting, which may be ready to beat criticisms of light black levels with a claimed 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Whether or not you believe any TV manufacturer’s contrast measurements, an increased 120 zones of backlighting (up from 80 last year, up to 160 from 120 on the 47-inch) and a profile that’s 2 inches slimmer (down to just 3 inches deep) this time around should be easily noticeable. The 37- and 32-inch XVT models rely on the company’s edge lit Razor LED lighting tech and are less than 2 inches this, with stated 1,000,000:1 contrast ratios.

Prices will start around the $699 mark, which isn’t dirt cheap but pretty good for this amount of features and interactivity (not to mention specs). It’ll be interesting to see how far this sort of thing develops in the future.

Hi-Def News: LG showing off 31″ OLED HDTV at IFA 2010

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It seems LG is doing some very cool stuff with OLED these days, if a recent exhibition at IFA 2010 is to be believed. Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say, and here’s the proof, as you can see. Read on, via Engadget HD coverage:

We’ve been tracking LG OLED TV production rumors for nearly as long as Bieber’s been alive, and recently got wind that their ultra-thin 7mm LED TV would be appearing at IFA this year, but now more news has materialized. According to OLED-Display, the company plans to show a new 31-inch OLED television prototype in addition to confidence-compensating 72-inch 3D LED TV. Sadly, other critical details like resolution and pricing are nowhere to be found, but considering the company’s 15-inch EL9500 OLED — which we’re still waiting for stateside — is selling for close to $2,400 in the UK, it’s fair to assume a model double in size will be a Kanye-level extravagance. Seeing a larger OLED example before 2011 though will be a step in the right direction for LG, and appears to fall in line with the company’s own rollout predictions.

We’ll keep an eye on these developments as they are released. The possibility of larger OLEDs sets us to dreaming, indeed.

Friday’s Freaky HDTV Deal-O-Rama

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Yes, its once again time for some of the great hi-def deals anywhere on the web, courtesy of SS. Feel free to continue reading:

Walmart – Plasma is always a nice option, and here is the Panasonic Viera TC-P50S2 50″ 1080p S2 Series Plasma HDTV for $899, and with free shipping. WalMart is tough to beat for these mid-range deals, and this is just such a case. This HDTV would have been $2,000+ 2-3 years ago. – The 40″ ranges are becoming more and more inexpensive we’ve noticed. This Toshiba 40XV645U REGZA 40” LCD HDTV for $599.95 with free shipping is a perfect point to accent this shift in pricing.

Feel free to click the links above. Happy HDTV shopping, and make sure to stop by and read us this weekend.

View: Do stores and businesses care about 3D HDTV?

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If recent trends and reports are to be believed, 3D HDTV as a medium could be in real trouble. It seems according to data and blog writing across the web, 3D sets aren’t really being given much consideration by stores like Best Buy and related venues, where fortunes are made and lost concerning technology like this.

A write-up by blogger presents a rather alarming situation (or one manufacturers should be alarmed about anyhow) where salespeople don’t seem to really be pushing 3D units at the moment, and  it just reinforces our own doubts about the future of HD and 3D as a combined threat.

Here’s a rather interesting quote right here:

According to Home Media Magazine, the J.D. Power study found that only one in 10 Best Buy salespeople actually pitched a 3D set to their customers.
The study discovered that Sears salesmen were equally unmotivated about the new 3D sets, with only one in 10 Sears staffers pitching them.

That in itself isn’t a good sign, though the article points out a few high-end shops point them out more often, that only makes it a fringe item, which isn’t any more encouraging really for its future.

Bad News: LCD HDTV prices on the rise?

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According to numbers from industry suppliers and rumors flying around the web, LCD and HDTV prices could be going up slightly in the near future. It’s bad news for a time when many parts of the world are struggling financially, and people are using discretionary income less than ever.

Also: HD is just starting to gain momentum to becoming a mainstream household medium, and now due to a variety of factors (one of which is reportedly more circuits being used for 3D HDTV units, driving up the price of parts). Prices rose over 7% in July compared to June, according to iSuppli, a nationwide reporter on wholesale parts and electronic equipment.

The average price for a LCD HDTV was $1,136, but was $1,060 in June, the group said. In contrast, iSuppli said that the price of a LCD set rose only 2.8 percent in July 2009 compared to July 2008. This is considered ‘unusual’, according to them, and could signal a trend of increasing prices for awhile.

If you’ve been looking for a unit, now might be the time to strike before they rise even more.

Panny’s New Move: New line of HDTVs with 2D-3D conversion

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It seems 3D, in some form or another, is here to stay. And Panasonic is advancing the technology with the first line of HDTV products with 2D to 3D conversion included. Not cheap, but here’s the quick rundown from Engadget:

If you thought you could crawl in a corner and wait for this 3D onslaught to pass, you may be camped out for some time to come. Panasonic is following up on its CES introductions with a new pair of 3D plasmas for the gaming set, the Viera 3D GT25 range. Said series is debuting with a pair to choose from, the 50-inch TC-P50GT25 and the 42-inch TC-P42G25. The latter is Panny’s first-ever 42-inch Full HD 3D plasma, and as you’d expect, both of these guys will require active shutter glasses in order to operate. As for specs? You’re looking at a 1080p panel, 600Hz sub-field drive, 24p playback and (a company first) 2D-to-3D conversion that may or may not be the answer to all of life’s problems.

We like the approach, even if Sony and several other companies are planning similar products. Prices will start around the $1,700 USD mark or so.

Movie Update: Blu-Ray version of Star Wars to appear in 2011

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The long-awaited, frequently rumored Star Wars Blu-Ray set will be debuting in 2011, based on a big-time conference announcement that recently took place. In attendance was Lucas himself, who also said some other things that purists may not like. Read on:

As rumored, all six Star Wars movies will be released together on Blu-ray in 2011 for the 35th anniversary of the release of A New Hope. George Lucas personally announced the set on stage at the Celebration V event, and showed off a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi that will be included (embedded after the break.) While the “highest picture and audio quality” and extensive special features are promised, what won’t make it to Blu-ray are the original versions of the movies; Lucas told the New York Times that only the special editions will be included, since restoring the original versions in high enough quality would cost too much.

Lucasfilms has deep pockets, so its more like ‘we can’t be bothered to do it’ as the reason the originals won’t be included. No exact release date has been set yet, but we’re guessing early 2011 as the approximate date.

Saturday HDTV Super Deals

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It’s Saturday, and that means (for most anyway) a day off from work filled with fun, sun and joy, and here anyhow great deals on HDTV models. Feel free to gander:

Dell occasionally has some great prices on top models. For example, this Sony BRAVIA KDL-46EX700 46″ LED Backlit 1080p 120Hz HDTV – price: $1045 with free shipping too. Good stuff – now tell us we aren’t looking out for you! is a reputable online shop with some nice deals at times. The LG 37LH55 37” 240Hz 1080p LCD HDTV for $789.77 with free shipping too. Good technology and the perfect size for a bedroom or study.

Thanks for reading and have fun!

Opinion: Are 720p resolution HDTVs worth it?

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There’s an ongoing debate in some circles about the benefits of 1080p vs. 720p HDTV units, and which is worth considering. Is the extra cost (although not very much these days) for a 1080p worth it, or will many even be able to tell the difference?

Some say those with average or poor eyesight can’t tell the difference between the two reses, and small surveys and such seem to support this idea. Also important is how far you plan to sit away from the TV; if you’re 8′ or further from the set, you may not be able to tell any difference. If you’re 6′ or closer, you’ll probably see it even if your vision isn’t great.

So how about all of you? Is 1080p an important feature for you these days (especially with the lowering of Blu-Ray prices), or does it not really matter?

Samsung Day: Contest rewards app HDTV widget developers

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Samsung must have a lock on today’s news, or maybe it just seems that way. Another fascinating item we got ahold of: It appears their HDTV app widget library has grown, but not fast enough for Sammy’s standards.

So now they’re offering a contest to rewards app developers who develop apps or widgets for the TV. Prizes include cash and entertainment systems as well, so it sounds good for any prospective app maker to get prizes for their toil and sweat.

For those acquainted with Java, XML and Flash Lite who are interested in getting their app up on TVs and Blu-ray players next to various popular apps, the contest runs from today to November 11, and requires a working app submission and video description as well.

By the end, 14 developers will walk away with between $1,000 and $200,000 each, plus a 3DTV, Blu-ray player and starter kit. Nice move, Samsung.

3D Gambit: Samsung unveils line of new 3D HDTVs

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New product announcements are always fun, and this time is no exception. Samsung announced some new 3D HDTV product releases today, and the news spread quickly among the video elite. They also introduced the first portable Blu-Ray player too, which should spur further acceptance of the media in the mainstream. More data (and pic) courtesy of Engadget:

Earlier today, Samsung pulled the curtain off (quite literally, might we add) its newest 3DTVs and the world’s first portable 3D Blu-ray player at its New York City press conference. We were able to slap on a pair of the 3D specs and spend a bit of time staring at the (admittedly amazing) 65-inch LED 3DTV, the fairly mediocre sub-$1,000 720p 3DTV as well as form some early impressions of the Blu-ray player.

Their impressions: 3D is still expensive if you want it good, and the portable BR player is nice but overpriced. About what we expected.

Bigger HD: Washington’s new big screens – and no punter interference

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It seems newer football stadiums are now competing to see how big their HD screens can get, and now we have a new contender in Washington for Dallas stadium’s huge screens. And they aren’t even smack dab in the field of play:

After seeing the HD scoreboards in the new Cowboys Stadium we didn’t think it could get any better, but Dan Snyder would disagree. This season Washington fans can enjoy two new 100 foot long high definition scoreboards installed at either end of FedEx Field, which Snyder claims are sharper than anything you’ll see down in Jerry Jones’ palace despite being slightly smaller, with the added benefit of a “secure” (read: no blocked kicks) location visible to all in the stadium.

We appreciate both ‘big’ and visible to all without worrying about a good punter knocking out some pixels. Keep it going football owners!

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