More HD: Comcast adds up to 80 HD channels in many markets

August 7, 2010 by  

We reported Comcast was scheduled to add up to 80 HD channels in many markets as of August, and indeed that did happen. What’s interesting is the way it was done: in two ‘pieces’, and the way it was done was awkward to say the least.

In mid-June the first ‘wave’ came of 60 HD channels, but they were spread around the 700′s and 900′s in very confusing fashion in many markets, and it made for a sloppy transition to say the least. We like the idea of more HD channels, but implementation can sometimes make or break a newer format, and the rollout of this was stinky, to put it nicely.

Now in August the channels were finally placed together and the remaining 20 channels were added, making for a very nice (if overdue in many markets) influx of HD content the likes of which many paying high Comcast bills had not seen previously. More HD is always good, we say. Hopefully future expansions and changes are done in a more organized manner.

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