3D Gambit: Samsung unveils line of new 3D HDTVs

August 12, 2010 by  

New product announcements are always fun, and this time is no exception. Samsung announced some new 3D HDTV product releases today, and the news spread quickly among the video elite. They also introduced the first portable Blu-Ray player too, which should spur further acceptance of the media in the mainstream. More data (and pic) courtesy of Engadget:

Earlier today, Samsung pulled the curtain off (quite literally, might we add) its newest 3DTVs and the world’s first portable 3D Blu-ray player at its New York City press conference. We were able to slap on a pair of the 3D specs and spend a bit of time staring at the (admittedly amazing) 65-inch LED 3DTV, the fairly mediocre sub-$1,000 720p 3DTV as well as form some early impressions of the Blu-ray player.

Their impressions: 3D is still expensive if you want it good, and the portable BR player is nice but overpriced. About what we expected.


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