View: Do stores and businesses care about 3D HDTV?

August 18, 2010 by  

If recent trends and reports are to be believed, 3D HDTV as a medium could be in real trouble. It seems according to data and blog writing across the web, 3D sets aren’t really being given much consideration by stores like Best Buy and related venues, where fortunes are made and lost concerning technology like this.

A write-up by blogger presents a rather alarming situation (or one manufacturers should be alarmed about anyhow) where salespeople don’t seem to really be pushing 3D units at the moment, and  it just reinforces our own doubts about the future of HD and 3D as a combined threat.

Here’s a rather interesting quote right here:

According to Home Media Magazine, the J.D. Power study found that only one in 10 Best Buy salespeople actually pitched a 3D set to their customers.
The study discovered that Sears salesmen were equally unmotivated about the new 3D sets, with only one in 10 Sears staffers pitching them.

That in itself isn’t a good sign, though the article points out a few high-end shops point them out more often, that only makes it a fringe item, which isn’t any more encouraging really for its future.


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