Update Glitch: Samsung Blu-Ray players having update troubles

August 23, 2010 by  

In a seemingly small (but very annoying) issue with the frequent updates that HD Blu-Ray players need to operate properly, Samsung has had to have users roll back their recent firmware update to allow the playback of certain movies. Apparently its happened before, as well. More details here:

As annoying as continuous Blu-ray player updates are, usually having the latest one is the best way to play more movies. Unfortunately the opposite was the case for Samsung (again) with the v2.09 update posted recently for its 2009 BD-Px600 line of players. Forum posters on CNET and AVSForum report the upgrade blocked them from playing Universal and Warner Bros. movies, which conveniently lock up after displaying the title image. Samsung’s rolled back to an older firmware version (v2.07) on its support site that should fix things for now, but with some users still having problems downgrading, all they can do is wait for the next update, whenever that arrives. Some help line reps have said the new version should arrive “in a couple of weeks,” but it’s not like you really wanted to watch Clash of the Titans or Book of Eli right now anyway, right?

This could be the only holdup to having BR HD take over the home media market; consumers don’t like to play musical updates just to watch a movie. Let’s hope they all get their act together soon so that this can all progress the way it was intended to.

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