Loaded and Ready: Mitsu launches new 3D HDTV line in Japan

August 25, 2010 by  

Mitsubishi Japan has stepped up as a serious player in the 3D HDTV arena it seems. Mitsu announced 3 brand new, full HDTVs for your home theater pleasure, and they look pretty loaded for bear, even if they certainly aren’t cheap at all.

Much like the Panasonics that got unleashed recently (and a strong new trend in HDTVs), all three have the ability to record to their hard drives or Blu-ray. We like the new feature, even if we aren’t huge fans of the increased price tag that comes with it usually.

Spec-wise, they’ve got full 1080p HD, backlit LCDs, 1TB HDD built-in, a ten speaker Diatone system for pretty good sound, USB and SD slots, and HDMI slots. The sets, which come in 40, 46, and 55-inches, also come with a pair of 3D glasses included for 3D joy.

They’ll be available in Japan in early October (to follow on other shores we’re sure at some point) for around $3,500, $4,700 and $5,900 (!!), respectively. Those price points might keep some away, but the HDTV fan with deep pockets may have found something to follow closely.

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