Mid-Range Joy: Sony announces new middle of the road 3D HDTV choices

August 28, 2010 by  

We all love a good deal, but some like their prices squarely in the middle. Not too expensive, but not the bottom of the line either. Sony is happy to oblige apparently, as they have announced new 3D HDTV choices that should be more wallet pleasing. Read onward:

Sony’s finally taken the wraps off its latest televisions for the US market, carrying the NX810 model number. Available in 60-, 55- and 46-inch sizes next month, these give a 3D spec bump (and around a $200 premium on the MSRP) to the existing NX800 series of Edge LED lit HDTVs that came out earlier this year. Like the NX800, these feature a slick monolith design, built-in WiFi, widgets and an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the picture in changing room conditions, but other than the 3D-readiness (and coupons for free Blu-ray 3D movies and PSN games, though it looks like you’ll have to pay for the glasses on your own) it’s hard to find any differences on paper.

Good stuff, lower prices are something we can always agree on.

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