List of 50 Movies improved by Blu-Ray/HD

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We all know watching certain movies and content in HD can improve the overall experience in general, but particular films can really heighten the experience by watching them on your On-Demand provider or Blu-Ray disc vs. standard def viewing.

We finally have a very fine list compiled by the folks at of movies where BR can greatly increase the viewing pleasure quotient of the respective cinematic pieces (now that’s a mouthful).

Feel free to check it out here: Link

Blade Runner and The Dark Knight are highlights of this list on HD in our opinion. The dark details of each world are really highlighted with the extra clarity and sharpness of the HD picture. Check out all the films on this list (well, maybe not the dreary and tepid ‘Max Payne’) and you’ll have plenty of entertainment for many weeks and months to come.

More HD: Comcast adds up to 80 HD channels in many markets

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We reported Comcast was scheduled to add up to 80 HD channels in many markets as of August, and indeed that did happen. What’s interesting is the way it was done: in two ‘pieces’, and the way it was done was awkward to say the least.

In mid-June the first ‘wave’ came of 60 HD channels, but they were spread around the 700′s and 900′s in very confusing fashion in many markets, and it made for a sloppy transition to say the least. We like the idea of more HD channels, but implementation can sometimes make or break a newer format, and the rollout of this was stinky, to put it nicely.

Now in August the channels were finally placed together and the remaining 20 channels were added, making for a very nice (if overdue in many markets) influx of HD content the likes of which many paying high Comcast bills had not seen previously. More HD is always good, we say. Hopefully future expansions and changes are done in a more organized manner.

Super High-Def: 2K monitor from Dell ready to drop soon

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It appears Dell is moving into the super hi-def 2K monitor race, with the recent announcement of their newest model in China to jump into the 2K display market. More details from Engadget here:

As one company moves out of the 30-inch display race, another looks set to step back into it. Dell’s unannounced, but seemingly all too real UltraSharp U3011 has been snapped over in China, and we’re being told it’ll offer a formidable 2,560 x 1,600 resolution while maintaining the styling of the smaller U2711. TFT Central reports it’ll be a 10-bit H-IPS panel from LG Display, bearing a 7ms response time, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 370 nits of brightness (ahem, overkill), and 178-degree viewing angles on both the horizontal and vertical axis. HDMI and DVI connections come in packs of two, accompanied by a lone DisplayPort.

It seems these displays are on the rise with many expert graphic designers, and should be seeing more shores within the year or so.

Update: Samsung releases new dual purpose HDTV

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Samsung is known for updating its offerings pretty quickly much of the time, and now they’ve done it again with their latest release:

Samsung’s updating its SyncMaster monitors today with the new premium LED backlit 90 series. Most notable is the 24-inch FX2490HD model with integrated TV tuner and inputs in the form of 2x HDMI, D-Sub, and even SCART for Europe — sorry, no mention of DVI or DisplayPort that we can find. The panel itself sports a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 5ms response, 1,000:1 contrast, and 250 nits of brightness. Akihabara News adds a few details such as PiP support, a jack for viewing media direct from USB sticks, and support for 7.1 channel Dolby Digital and DTS audio.

It should arrive in the US and Europe as early as this month for around $540 or so.

Tuesday’s HDTV Deals and Offers

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It’s Tuesday, normally a rather nondescript day of the week, but with SS, every day is a chance to catch up on great HDTV news and offers. Take a look below for more evidence of this at work:

Tiger Direct – This is pretty amazing: The Samsung PN50C450 50″ 720p Plasma TV for $700 – $50 off with our special coupon code “FOJ4285” (Expires 8/7/10) = $650 with free shipping too. Check it out! – Cheaper than a comparable tube TV was in its day, who would’ve believed! Here’s the Haier HL22XSL2 22” 1080p LED LCD HDTV – Black for $188.00 -  with free shipping. Decent stats for the price.

Thanks for joining us and have fun in HD land!

Unbreakable: Gorilla Glass coming to HDTVs soon?

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Based on recent reports, the newly (old-ly?) discovered ‘Gorilla Glass’ has been offered as a scratch-proof glass for HDTV usage, but no manufacturers have scurried to the Corning corner to take them up on the glass. That may be changing soon if reports are to be believed. Your favorite HD channels may be viewable on this new super-strong glass quite soon.

Corning has recently announced plans to expand its production capacity by double or triple, and is predicting it’ll secure its first deal with a HDTV maker later this fall.

The benefits of Gorilla Glass are increased durability, strength and scratch resistance as well, but there’s a small catch: the cost may rise up to $60 more for a panel with GG present. Worth it? The market will dictate that, we assume, as always.

Opinion: Sports in HD – or not?

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It’s a well-regarded opinion that sports are better enjoyed in HD and on HDTV sets, but we know some people out there aren’t that into it, or can watch their sports in SD with no qualms at all (those people aren’t really our primary readership, admittedly). We personally think it would be a waste, but then that’s just us.

Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, you name it – HD grabs you and brings you into the action like little else does (besides being there in person).

So let us know – are you particular about how you watch your favorite sports, and does HD truly add a new dimension to sports not experienced prior to it being introduced into your home?

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