Games and HD: Game Show Network to go HD soon

September 10, 2010 by  

It appears this network is done playing games with HD, so to speak: The Game Show Network will launch a High-Definition simulcast channel next week, Broadcasting & Cable Magazine is reporting. They’re one of the few holdouts in the HD parade, but that silence will now be broken, it looks like.

The new HD channel is scheduled to launch officially September 15, but a GSN official would not reveal which cable/TV providers would carry the channel at launch, but he told B&C that several operators are testing the signal and getting ready to add it. “Most operators are shooting for 100 plus HD channels and we think we will be one of those services,” he stated.

Reports are now that GSN is now producing all 10 original shows in HD now and some syndicated shows are converted to high-def as well. It’ll be a hi-def game world on some networks very soon.


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