MNF Makeover: Better HD resolution and better sound

September 14, 2010 by  

Monday Night Football is an institution for many sports lovers across the country, and now according to published reports, it’ll look and sound even better than ever before. 5.1 surround sound and new fangled cameras, along with super slo-mo coverage top the list of tweaks. Read on:

According to the press release, this year will be the first time ESPN’s MNF is produced in 5.1 — does this mark the death of “Circle Surround”? We’ve asked for more details, but we’ll wait for our ears and receivers to tell us if there’s a difference. A few things that should definitely be noticeable to all (even international viewers, with ESPN Deportes on the scene and, for the first time, live coverage in the UK) are the addition of high speed cameras set to shoot at 500-600 fps (up from last year’s mere 300fps cameras and capable of up to 1,000fps, remember the Olympics?) for even clearer shots, and new “Maxx Zoom” cameras. These should provide a whole new angle on goal line plays from a cluster of cameras mounted at the goal line and shooting at “up to eight times normal HD resolution.” Even the old telestrator has gotten a revamp, with features that look straight out of Madden 2011 highlighting what players see, do and tracking their movement.

We like the changes, and feel that the move to ESPN really encouraged these improvements in the presentation (as much as it was disputed when it migrated from free station ABC to ESPN).

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