Still Here: Runco releases new Plasma HDTV offerings

September 25, 2010 by  

Runco is a company that’s been around for a bit and usually offers large high-end offerings for professional use, but does offer consumer level products as well through various sources, and is poised to release some very cool new screens to the general (if ones with deep pockets) public. Read on:

Runco’s continuing to develop its plasma HDTV offerings with the new Vistage series. Available in 63-, 58- or 50-inch sizes, the 1.7-inch think panels also include the company’s latest scaler, the DHD-LS. Unlike that projector we just mentioned, these do 3D with the addition of active shutter glasses and an IR emitter, courtesy of an add-on pack shipping early next year. We got a quick glance at the screens which promise contrast and black levels “previously unachieved in the industry” and while they did look amazing, you may not be able to decide if cashing out for between $6,000 and $10,000 for one of these screens is worthwhile — until you find out you can outfit the back of the panel with decorations including your college logo of choice.

Official release is scheduled for the end of the year, according to various sources.

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