Lies and (Digital) Videotape: DirecTV not being honest about HD channels

September 26, 2010 by  

We’re all for 200+ HD channels being carried by any provider these days, but we don’t in any way support lies or deception in calculating those channels, and we’d even say it hurts the HD industry for providers to lie about this.

Take DirecTV’s advertising for example: they claim around 200 HD channels since the launch of their new satellite awhile back, but honestly, they aren’t anywhere near that number of channels if you really look at it, and they’re missing key channels already present and available with other providers, such as AMC HD, BBC America HD, E! HD, Turner Classic Movies HD, G4 HD, National Geographic Wild HD, TruTV HD, Style HD, and others.

And to make matters worse, DirecTV still claims in promos that it carries “just about everything in HD.” Based on that list above, this is a lie.

Here’s to hoping subscribers make providers more accountable for deceiving advertising that could make customers believe they’re getting the whole HD experience when they really aren’t.


One Response to “Lies and (Digital) Videotape: DirecTV not being honest about HD channels”
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