Fall Of a Different Kind: LCD TV prices expected to drop soon

September 29, 2010 by  

Looks like we may have jumped the gun a bit on the prices of LCD TVs. Flat-screen LCD HDTV prices are expected to drop at least five percent in the next few weeks, says DisplaySearch, as reported by CNN originally.

This is due to several factors: the economy, the time of year, but mostly its just oversupply. Dealers are overstocked, and they’re looking to clear out stuff as quickly as possible, making for some very good possible deals in the coming weeks and months out there.

Paul Gagnon, director of research at DisplaySearch stated flatly: “Manufacturers were playing a game of chicken, hoping demand would be there and reluctant to be the first one to let prices fall. Only recently did they come to the shocking realization that prices needed to fall. That will have a good impact on holiday sales.”

Black Friday this year is expected to have some of the lowest prices on LCD TVs ever, starting as low as $199 for certain 32″ models.

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