First Black Friday Report: Sears fires the first shot

October 19, 2010 by  

It looks like Sears will be launching the first salvo in the holiday price wars this year with an early “sneak peek” of some great Black Friday deals, but about a month earlier than most other chains. Here’s a few of the deals they’ll be hawking:

Vivitar X029, 10 Megapixel Optical Zoom Camera — $49
RCA 40-Inch, 1080p LCD HDTV — $499
PlayStation 3 160GB Entertainment System — $299
Nintendo Wii Bundle, including Wii Sports and Motion Plus — $199

What catches our eye immediately is that very cool price on a 40″ 1080p TV for $499….anyone can now afford to put a decent sized HDTV in their living room and enjoy HD and Blu-Ray content the way it was meant to be seen.

We’re hoping more sets get added, but that alone is a reason to keep a look out for Sears on October 29 and 30 (the two days of the sale), and it seems to also indicate the BF wars may be starting early for other companies as well.


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