Big Panel News: AUO to make large LCD 3D units

November 7, 2010 by  

It seems even the ‘smaller market’ players are joining the 3D HDTV fray: AUO Optronics will be releasing several huge (huge meaning 71″ mind you) LCD 3D panels in the next little while. Read on for more details:

In case you haven’t noticed, FPD International 2010 is just about ready to hit full-swing, and AUO is on hand with a stockpile of new kit. AUO Optronics just so happens to be a fairly substantial panel maker in the grand scheme of things, so people tend to pay attention when they roll out the planet’s largest Cinema Scope (read: 21:9 aspect ratio) 3D LCD TV. A 71-inch version of the aforesaid device is on hand for the public to gawk at, as is a 65-inch QFHD 4K x 2K lenticular lens 3D TV. The former boasts a 240Hz double frame rate, LED scanning backlight and optimized parameters for better motion flow, and unlike most three-dee televisions these days, this one works with polarized glasses — you know, the ones that are dirt cheap, don’t require batteries and haven’t been known to give people headaches. The latter is a glasses-free solution, but unlike the company’s next generation 3D notebook panels, you’ll need to be located in one of eight viewing spots to dig the effect.

We like the specs, but no prices released as of yet. We’re anticipating the ‘not cheap’ range, but glasses-free and/or huge will always have a hefty price tag.

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