Top 10 Tips: Scoring the Best Black Friday Deals

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Top HDTV blog site has posted a very informative and cool article about getting the most out of the upcoming Black Friday holiday. Here’s a part of their top 10 list:

1. Read the Ads — In Print & Online
Consumer World suggests that you carefully review your local newspapers on Thanksgiving Day. Usually, they will be stuffed with Black Friday ads and coupons. Bring them with you on the big day. Plus, many retailers are offering special Black Friday deals at their web sites. Don’t forget to check them out 24-48 hours prior to the big day. (Also see Rule #6)

2. Evaluate the Deals
Don’t assume every “deal” is a deal. Compare the “Black Friday” special price with the HDTV’s normal price before buying. You can do that at various e-commerce web sites such as and You may even find a lower price online.

3. Buy a Good Product

A low price doesn’t guarantee a high-quality television.  Do some research and read product reviews at sites such as If you’re not familiar with the product’s brand name, check out its customer service record with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

4. Look For More Discounts
Some stores issue coupons or rebates on high-def sets and other products such as High-Definition DVD players. Find out if the discounts apply to the Black Friday specials.

Go here to read more great tips about how to score some nice HDTV deals the day after Thanksgiving.


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