Forest of Hi-Def: Bambi to arrive on Blu-Ray next year

December 10, 2010 by  

The much-beloved classic Disney masterpiece Bambi will finally be getting the full 1080p treatment in March of next year, it appears, if rumors are to be believed. We always try to keep an eye on noteworthy releases on Blu-Ray, and here’s the skinny on one:

Disney’s officially put a date on the Diamond Edition release of Bambi, which will arrive March 1, 2011 in Blu-ray/DVD combo pack edition HD download, or SD download — DVD only packages arrive April 19th. There’s plenty of exclusive Blu-ray features, including never before seen deleted scenes, 7.1 audio track, a deleted song, a peek inside Walt Disney’s meetings where the concept of the film came to be, and an interactive game. The biggest addition is that this disc will debut Disney’s new “Second Screen” feature on computer or iPad which promises to sync with the film and pull in even more interactive features.

We applaud this effort to move animated classics like this into the hi-def world, so that future generations can enjoy them with increased clarity.


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