3D Fever (Not Quite): CE Exec says 3D HDTV is ‘overhyped’

December 18, 2010 by  

Now we’ve rung the death bells for 3D HDTV a number of times, but even many in the industry whose opinions are quite respected don’t have a lot good to say about the 3D revolution sweeping over the land (and theaters as well).

See this article for his pointed (and in our opinion, somewhat accurate) observations, including this: “In an interview Thursday, Shapiro argued that the technology has been over-hyped compared with more fundamental developments like high-definition TV, a huge driver of industry sales for much of the past decade. Giving those digital TVs the capability to simulate 3D images, by comparison, is more of an enhancement than something altogether new, he says.”

We agree its probably little more than a fad unless the technology improves, and rapidly. Even 3D sales during the holidays so far has been lackluster to say the least.

See here for more commentary on the subject.


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