OLED News: LG aiming to start making panels by 2013?

January 25, 2011 by  

All of you know LG is sorta king of the hill in the OLED charge of late, and now word from up high is that LG is swearing they’ll be ready to make a move in the OLED arena in the next few years, mass producing large OLED panels for the open market.

More info and pic courtesy of Engadget:

LG has plucked our heart strings once again by announcing on its Q4 earnings call that its mass production of large OLED panels will ramp up at the end of 2013. In other words, the schedule it laid out a little less than a year ago to triple OLED production via a $226 million facility expansion is still on track — which is pretty amazing given that other OLED schedules we’ve seen have been 90 percent fantasy and 10 percent hype. On the same call, vice president of LG Display Jung Ho also took the opportunity to share the company’s goal of becoming the market leader in OLED TV. Considering LG has already announced plans to release a 31-inch 3D OLED set in the US and Europe this year with a 55-inch prototype following in 2012 — it seems Samsung may now have a real fight on its hands for OLED dominance that it can’t dance its way out of. No matter who wins, though, the possibility of ultra-thin TVs gracing our walls is definitely getting brighter.

We love the heat on this technology and that companies are recognizing people want something new and fresh in the HDTV world.


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