Big and Cool Department: Mitsubishi shows off a huge curved OLED display

February 7, 2011 by  

Yes, Mitsubishi loves to show off their wares and muscle via cool large displays that aren’t available in homes (and probably wouldn’t fit in the average living room anyway), and here’s yet another case of that principle at work with this latest creation, a huge OLED screen meant mainly for large gatherings, malls, etc.

Display companies like Mitsubishi still don’t make a big-screen OLED we can buy, yet look at this, a curved display created by the company that looks to be about four feet tall and maybe 10 feet around. Okay, so a 3mm pixel pitch wouldn’t look too great standing anywhere within about 20 feet of the thing, but that’s why it’s designed for malls and big stores, places where its 1,200 nit brightness can shrug off ambient light. It was unveiled at ISE 2011 and surely it won’t be long before they’re all over Las Vegas.

Good points raised by the report, but then again, this won’t be something you’ll be 1 foot from anyhow. It’ll be neat to see how this gets used.

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